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Aloe Vera Serum In Pakistan | Aichun Beauty

Aloe Vera Serum In Pakistan Extract Allows In Obviously Improving The Price At Which Collagen Is Produced Within The Frame. This Facilitates To In Addition Lessen The Symptoms Of Growing Old Such As Nice Traces And Wrinkles. The Collagen Also Enables To Enhance The Tightening Of The Pores And Skin. It Inhibits The Manufacturing Of Melanin In The Pores And Skin. Aloe Vera Enables To Saturate The Pores And Skin Cells With Oxygen, This Will Increase The Synthesis Of Skin Tissue And Energy.


Rich In Vitamins.

Skin Deep Hydration.

Reduces Dark Spots And Wrinkles.

Rich In Vitamins.

Skin Deep Hydration.

Reduce Dark Spots.


Reduce The Sign Of Aging.

Remove Fine Lines.

Improve The Tightening Of The Skin.

Saturate The Skins Cells With Oxygen.

Increase The Synthesis Of Skin Tissue And Strength.

How To Use:

Towel Dry And Apply 2 To 3 Drops Into The Hand And Distribute Evenly Through Hair.

For Longer Hair, 4 To 5 Drops Are Recommended.

Leave Serum In And Style As Normal.


Rivaj Aloe Vera Hair Serum It’s Miles Designed To Shine. Inclusive Of Seal, Melt And Moisturize Your Hair. Helps Remove Frizzes And Cut Up-ends. It Additionally Save You Breakage And Colour Fading.

In View That,  Also Has Excessive Water Content Material, And Is Obviously Rich In Nutrients And Antioxidants–It Is Able To Rejuvenate Your Pores And Skin And Improve It Texture Too. Regular Use Of Aloe Vera As A Serum Could Make Your Skin Radiant And Younger

Gives Your Hair Softness And Shine.

Protecting It From Sun Exposure, Pollutants, Dust, And Grime.

Providing Shiny Hair With A Healthy Glow.

Aloe Serum Is A Natural Serum Made From Natural Ingredients. Complete Your Daytime Skincare Routine With This Refreshing Serum! This Aloe Vera Serum Tackles Irritation And Acne While Keeping It Looking Clear, Supple, And Hydrated All Day. This Serum Feels Super Sleek And Provides Significant Hydration And Uv Protection To Your Skin. The Power Behind This Formula Comes From Acacia & Aloe Vera, Which Moisturizes The Skin, Eliminates Acne, And Revitalizes The Appearance Of The Skin. Plus, It’s An Acacia-scented Oil-free Moisturizer That Can Be Worn Alone Or Under Makeup As A Smooth, Silky Primer.

How To Use:

On A Cleansed Face, Pat 4-5 Pumps Of Aloe Serum Using Your Hands. Apply This Serum Daily In Day Time Routine. Avoid Heat Exposure Soon After Applying It.


Aloe Vera, Acacia, H.P.M.C, Carbopol 1934, Glycerin, Potassium Sorbate, Sod. Benzoate, Distilled Water.

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